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The Key 6-week Cram Course will begin on

Sunday February 5th, 2023


Key students $99*  

Non-Key students $149


*Key students- In order to purchase the LT CRAMS package

at the special price of $99, Please enter your Tax ID number as

a coupon code at check out.

Course Includes:


  • Rewrites of the 2 prior Lieutenant's Exams

  • Online in exam format.


  • Four weeks of 3-hour Live-in Person classes at 4 locations.

  • Two videos class are available 24/7 on the KOPS System. 

  • PowerPoint video by Ralph Cilento

  • Class video by George Mifsud


  • The "Key Cram Book"

  • Summarizes every procedure tested in the last 20 years.

  • Review of Math Grammar and Judgement questions

  • Summarizes Penal Law 7 majors and select Legal Bureau Bulletins.


  • Access to the Key Library

  • The Key Legal Digest

  • The Key By the Numbers

  • Official and full copies of the below are available in the KOPS system:

  • Patrol Guide 

  • Admin Guide

  • Penal Law

  • Legal Bureau Bulletins


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