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"As a new cop finally eligible for a promotional exam, I did not know where to begin or who’s advice to take. I eventually decided on the key to help me pass and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. All of my anxiety over the unknown with promotional exams was gone after the first class. The instructors are amazing, they all have different styles of teaching so you stick to what you like. The locations and hours were convenient. The material was clear and concise. I will soon be studying for the next LT exam and I am sticking to what is proven to work, my promotion is my proof that the Key works. "

Carlos M./Sergeant/NYPD

"I passed my 2011 Sergeant exam and my 2017 Lieutenant exam. I put in the hard work, but they key 🔑 was just that. The school along with their great instructors provided me with tools, the information, and I was able to pass those exams. Great instructors like George Mifsud and Ralph Cilento were and are very knowledgeable about the Patrol and admin guides, as well as interim orders. They were able to make patrol guide sections simple to understand through their lesions and material. The material is top notch, easy to read and to understand. The key, along with George always made themselves available for any questions us students had. They have the best classes and the best in basket course. If you want to pass your exam? Sign up for the key and take classes with George! Great class, great material, and great instructors! If you take the key, read the material, and study consistently you will pass! Good luck to all!"


"Studying for promotional exams is a tedious and laborious process. It can be overwhelming trying to decipher how to study and where to begin, especially taking your first exam to become a Sergeant. The Key Classes offer the most up to date information, delivered to you in person, and electronically in a manner that everyone can understand.. They have the most decorated instructors, most of whom have done the very job that you do. The Key combines decades of tests to establish patterns and trends in exam questioning and will guide you through each part of the Patrol Guide to give you a blueprint on how to study and what to look out for. They helped me pass my Sergeant and Lieutenants tests on the first try. I highly recommend their classes and would encourage all of UMOS to do the same. "

Thomas Fabrizi/LCD/Major Case Squad NYPD

"Without The Key, I don’t know where I would be. This program literally changed my life and the lively hood of my family. Easy to read and comprehend with great instructors (G. Mifsud), made it possible for me to obtain a score in the high 80’s. I have been a Sergeant for a few years now and it was the best decision to go with The Key. Can’t wait for the Lieutenant classes to begin because without The Key, I don’t know where I would be. "

GD/NYPD Sergeant

"I am currently a Lieutenant.  I used the key for the sergeants and Lieutenants exam and scored in the top 300 on both exams. Their material and questions are spot on to prepare you for the actual exam.  I plan on using the key for the Captains exam.  Put the work in with the material provided and you will be successful. "


James T/NYPD Lieutenant

"Simplicity is the key. I enjoyed the ease of use of the study materials. Straight and to the point. Instructors break down the Patrol Guide in a way that’s understandable and easy to grasp. You won’t be disappointed. " 

Anna/NYPD Brooklyn Strong!

"The Key course is the perfect solution for any Uniform Member of the Service looking to expand their career through promotions in the NYPD. The Key course has been the reason for my promotion. I have personally used their course for my Sergeant and Lieutenant exam. I would personally like to thank course instructor George Mifsud; his method of teaching was excellent. The Key team of instructors definitely provided material and questions that resembled the actual exam, this gave me the confidence on test day. I highly recommend this course to anyone."

Lieutenant Spiro Papavlasopoulos

"Thanks to the Key, I successfully passed two promotion exams. If you attend the classes and study their study guide you will excel in your career. Wishing all future bosses the best of luck! "

Lt. Yasmin Hicks 

I’d like to take out a moment to thank you and the rest of the staff at “The Key” for playing such a big role in my success with the NYPD promotional exams (Sgt. & Lt.). Your course material (packets, questions, They Key App) and lectures were on point and served me very well on test day! All of your instructors were very knowledgeable on what to look for when studying for these complex exams and your experience coupled with theirs kept the student’s interests in class. Looking forward to tackle the 2022 Captain’s exam with you and the rest of the staff at “The Key.” "

Lt. D. Inirio/Detective Bureau

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